Together with Ethan you’ll deep dive into creating your 6-7 figure Speaking and/or online coaching business. This will include tasks such as crafting your high ticket offers, building a high converting funnel, a presentation that sells and setting your webinar/seminar strategy for your next big business breakthrough.

The goal of this done for your program is not only to bring you in more leads and sales in the short term but also give you the clarity, guidance, tools, and skills needed for your long term success. It is to make you into a PLATFORM speaker (the best way to get high ticket clients at scale). This is the highest paid skill and profession in the world, however not many teach it and even fewer can do it. The right guidance will significantly reduce your learning curve.

Transitioning from crippling social anxiety to international speaker and marketing expert that has generated millions for his clients in revenue specifically in the seminar & webinar industry, Ethan Donati is a proven expert at exponentially growing and scaling businesses in a one to many environment through live seminars whilst reducing the amount of time required to do so.

Ethan Donati & Naomi Simson

Ethan Donati & Seth Godin

Ethan Donati & Eric Thomas

2 Comma Club Award Winner

Ethan Donati & Mark Bouris

One of his core principles is to adapt online & start selling one to many instead of one to one. Value your own time economics.

This is one of the key reasons so many business owners and entrepreneurs feel overworked and just hope for their next sale. It is why so many speakers are stuck.

They don’t know how to adapt and they rely on others to pay them or to find ‘the next gig.’ It’s why coaches are time poor and can’t get enough clients, they waste time with organic marketing and do ‘free discovery calls. 

Most entrepreneurs do not value their own time and do not have clear proven strategy to succeed.

And that’s why Ethan will guide you through a step-by-step process and even do it for you so that you can focus on doing more important tasks: getting clients and serving them.

What Experts Have To Say About Working With Ethan Donati

Within Two Weeks It Was 25-27 Times Our Cost In Profitability. I couldn't sleep last night the money is rolling in. 

Joel Bauer, The Mentor's Mentor, Trainer To The Highest Online Earners & Speakers

Do whatever you can to meet this guy, he made us a tonne of profits, he will take your business to another level altogether. 

Reshveen Rajendran, Master Trader, Trainer Of 1,000’s Of Investors

If you want to fill your room as a speaker, want to attract the right client to your funnels to convert them into revenue then work with Ethan Donati.

Reggie Batts, Spoken In Over 45 Countries, Author Of Mindset For Success And Worked Alongside Tony Robbins For 10 Years

He didn’t make me double what I paid him, he made me EIGHT times what I paid him

Karen Fraser, Airbnb Super Host, Creator of the Smart Stay Airbnb Program

I’ve used Ethan’s strategies, and let me tell you the last year alone we put over 10,000 butts in seats in Singapore & Malaysia and generated millions of dollars in revenue. So if there’s one guy you want to speak to it’s Ethan 

Louie Pinto, Founder Of Modern Wealth Academy

I’ve never seen someone get lower cost per head, higher conversion rates, so he is getting better quality leads for less money.

Les Evans, International Celebrity Coach & Speaker

It is worth every single cent. After my first webinar for the first time in my life I made $15,000 USD from one webinar

Getrude, HerStory Founder

We went from 2x return to now getting over 10x return on ad spend. Ethan is one of the best that I have worked with.

Mark Firth, LinkedIn Expert

Is More Information What You Really Need?

If getting more information and knowledge is what it takes to be successful, wouldn’t you already be where you want to be?

We have access to more information than ever, yet why is it so difficult to create a business that works for us? Because information can only take you so far.

Every day, we absorb more knowledge and information. We read more books. We watch more videos.

And at this point in time, most business owners and entrepreneurs feel more overwhelmed, lost, and confused than ever before.

Ethan is sick of seeing entrepreneurs buy course after course with no implementation.

If the guru’s are so good at what they sell in their course then there is one simple question to answer…


That’s where Ethan comes in

Working With Ethan Is For You If...

  • You want to grow your business with a proven model that works

  • You want to become a speaker that does not need to “wait for a gig”
  • You want to become a highly paid online coach that does not need to rely on “free discovery calls”
  • You’re unsure of the best way for you to move forward and get your Ideal clients
  • All of the guru’s and ‘secrets’ and saturation of information is confusing you even more and you just want this done for you!
  • You feel like your service is quickly becoming commodotized in a competitive head to head market and you NEED to differentiate
  • You find yourself competing on low prices to try to win business
  • You feel like something is ‘off’ in your business but you can’t quite put your finger on it
  • Your business is not ‘economy proof’ nor set up to thrive in these market conditions
  • Your business is not consistent, you’re relying on word of mouth and referrals and you cannot break through your ceiling of success

If any of these sound like you, working with Ethan may be a good fit for you.

4 Ways To Work With Ethan

8 Week Inner Circle Group Coaching Program With Ethan


Zoom Only

*Ad spend not included

Funnel & Advertising


  • Seminar Funnel Built For You
  • Ads Made For You
  • Copy Writing and Email Marketing
  • Managed For 5 Events

*Ad spend not included

Advertising & 6 Months Presentation Coaching


  • 6 Months of managing your event ads
  • Ethan to review your presentation
  • Ethan will record your CTA for you to practice
  • 6 Months of One On One Coaching (2 hours a month)

*Ad spend not included

12 Months

One on One Coaching & Presentation Build


  • Ethan & Team to make your presentation (PowerPoint Slides)
  • Perform your presentation and send to you to practice
  • 12 Months of advertising & 12 months of coaching from Ethan (2 hours a month)

*Ad spend not included

However, If You:

  1. 1
    Are more interested in a pay as you go option…
  2. 2
    Aren’t ready for up to a $100,000 investment for 1-1 done for you help from Ethan and his team
  3. 3
    Would like direct access to Ethan for on demand questions & coaching

Ethan has an option for that too.

Ethan Donati’s Inner Circle, For New Business OwnersWanting To Break The 10k/Month Barrier

What Kind Of ROI Can You Expect From 

Working With Ethan?

As you already know, working with Ethan is NOT cheap. For the wrong people, it’s exceedingly expensive.

For the right people, it’ll be the best investment you’ll ever make. 

Ethan is a true, verified expert cutting through the noise of the marketplace. Ethan is one of the very few experts that actually offers to do it all for you, not just teach you and provide you with more and more education that gets your head spinning and going nowhere.

If you take action, take personal responsibility for your own success and implement what Ethan shares with you, you will find a dramatic impact in your business and personal life.

Funnels have stood the test of time and will continue to do so. If you have never implemented these effectively in your business you are missing out.

You will walk away from this experience with a high converting live webinar/seminar funnel, qualified leads, sales, and a new sense of confidence and foundation that you may have never had before.